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Gibson first came into contact with Bike Houston in 2014, and the opportunity for website help quickly presented itself. At the time, Bike Houston just appointed a President, and he was on a mission to grow the organization in order for Houston to have an updated Master Bike Plan.

Bike Houston Website

Project History

2013 was a year of no driving for me, as I fully embraced the Heights-living, hipster dressing, bike riding culture. I’d bike to work even if it was raining, to family dinner on Sunday nights, and to the market to grab my produce. The biking culture introduced me to many monthly rides (Critical Mass), and met a lot of bikers in the process, including the recently appointed President of Bike Houston, Michael Payne. Michael was to grow this 10 year old organization in order to raise support for an updated Bicycle Master Plan for the City of Houston.


The organization was bootstrapped from the beginning, and was making due with the processes they had in place. However, the organization was struggling obtaining members, and therefore could not attract corporate sponsors. The organization was relying on in-person events and popups to have people sign up to become members. When I joined Bike Houston in 2014, there were only 80 members in the organization.

From a User Experience perspective, people don’t often want to give up their credit card information on the spot, especially while on a bike ride. Allow people to digest the information, signup and pay online whenever they are ready.

Bike Houston Website


Bike Houston needed a digital makeover, including a way to sign up members and accept payments directly on

For 6 months, I worked with the Bike Houston Board on a weekly basis, creating a full digital makeover, including re-thinking and designing the approach for members to sign up.

This project involved website design, website development, adding membership functionality and profiles, adding ecommerce and payments for membership, custom management system so Bike Houston could add events and edit content, supplying photography, and social media marketing.


After creating the new website, Bike Houston grew from 80 members to 800 members in the first year after being around for 10 years. Growth in membership has led to more sponsorships and opportunities for Bike Houston. Bike Houston has helped create several biking and walking trails, and helped create the green bike path on Lamar St. downtown.

March 22, 2017: The City of Houston passed its first Bicycle Master Plan in over 20 years!

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Bike Houston Website

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Bike Houston Website

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Bike Houston Website

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Bike Houston Website

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