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Gibson Hall (@gibsooon) is a native Houstonian, with more than 15 years creating apps, websites, & fan engagement.

Gibson began making websites in 1999 for his pop-punk band, The Crimson Monkeys. Knowing the band needed a website in order to become famous, Gibson set out to learn how to make this happen by reading HTML and Photoshop books. Soon, his fun and friendly websites were shared around the community and Gibson began making websites for more bands, small businesses, and local organizations.

Since then, Gibson has worked on more than 50 websites for brands of all shapes and sizes — including Academy Sports + Outdoors, Gallery Furniture, Star Pizza, and Waste Management. Gibson has served as a graphic designer, web coder, programmer and manager of all strategies pertaining to these brands' websites for Houston's premier advertising, public relations, and creative agencies.

Gibson currently serves as the Creative Director for Decode Digital and is currently studying to become a Yoga Instructor through Black Swan.

He's open to new opportunities and grabbing tacos.

My name is Gibson and this is my fancy mobile site. Well, it's actually responsive- so check it out on a bigger screen sometime to read the full story.

Over the last 15 years, I've worked as a project manager, graphic designer, lead User Experience (UX) researcher, and web coder for over 50 websites, including Academy Sports + Outdoors, Gallery Furniture, Star Pizza, and Bike Houston.

I currently serve as the Creative Director for Decode Digital, and am studying to become a yoga instructor through Black Swan.

yes, thanks for asking.Do you need help with website related stuff? yes, please!Want to grab some tacos?
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